Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Comfortable Modern Ultra Spa Bathtubs Remove Stress By Hoesch

DheaSpa is a new spa bathtubs that has been presented by Hoesch at the ISH 2009 in Frankfurt. It is designed to remove the stress of everyday life through a combination of water, light warmth, and sound. Full DheaSpa mechanism, which could create a shower unforgettable and charming. There's everything you could dream of champagne cooling even on the built-in DheaSpa bathtubs . The ergonomic shape is perfect for such a high form for short people. You can relax in it alone or in company. If you like the first variant, you can also enjoy the new hammock was developed to create a feeling of "lying on the water". Black and white color combination makes DheaSpa bathtubs ultra modern and stylish. This spa can be used as indoor outdoor even in your personal space with DheaSpa bathtubs .


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