Monday, April 19, 2010

Design of wooden TV table

Design a table or shelf the TV is on part of his body was left open, so the frame looks. There is more to his body covered with glass or metal plate. With this design, a TV table look lighter once neat. A light table can also be seen from his footwear. Form of footwear is no longer a rigid pole as retaining its weight, but also with modifications using rubber wheels. Therefore, the table is easier to slide. To maintain the stability of the wheel is equipped with a lock. Pictures shown below are some examples of design of the TV table made of teak, mahogany, wadang and jackfruit. The basic ingredients of wood has a very strong resistance.

TV Rack 1

TV Rack 2

TV Rack 3

TV Rack 4

TV Rack 5

TV Rack 6

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