Monday, February 14, 2011

Intelligent Solutions Replace A Barn That Being A House

Russell Groves is one of the architects are smart. He worked to turn an old barn renovation projects from Canada to Connecticut and changed into a beautiful home. Mechanical systems, electrical and data warehouse was updated but still fatherly appearance and structure to maintain authenticity. The old staircase remains of the warehouse is one of the centerpieces.
The fireplace in the living room made of steel but it looks like that is very old but it was interesting from the fireplace. The modern style furniture with a beautiful mix of old wooden barn.The kitchen is very simple and modern look more elegant. Duua walls made of marble mosaic. The bathroom was also impressed by a simple touch of a modern silhouette with light sculpture.
Furniture for the bedroom taken at a local store, but the designers were hand-made ebony black paint to get a modern twist. There's even a guest house where traditional styles mixed with contemporary. Can you think that an old barn can be as fantastic living space? I am sure you are interested in this.

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