Monday, February 21, 2011

Fresh and Modern Office Studio Interior by Dom Arquitectura

Modern office design studio is one of the latest Studio Project Office by Pablo Serrano from Dom Arquitectura. This modern office studio Previously Used as a place that is in use as a shop totally isolated from the outside, then modified by Pablo Serrano to be an amazing design studio office. Here is a description of Dom Arquitectura: "The first action we take, is to open the interior space, good road and park outside, so we designed a carpentry iron completely open with no buttons, glass continuously, providing natural light throughout the space. All graphite iron has been painted dark gray, the same from the interior furnishings. On the whole surface of the glass was placed in a dark gray screen, to control the privacy space. As an architecture studio, we have some details about the profession, the color of graphite from pencils, white paper and accepted as a parallel wall. The walls of the room is very irregular. With the aim of uniting all of the folds we propose some horizontal lines running through walls, painted with the same gray that continuous pavement. This allows us to provide a wall of the plot in a gradient, starting by getting rid of constant and gradually break down the roof.

We designed a light that runs around the room, from several parts of the free iron flowing through the space with convergent and divergent lines, covered with several sheets of parchment paper folded, as if they were planning the same studio. The result is a paper path enlightened through the roof. We propose the distribution of the edge, where 6, this table is based on the exterior. In the same perimeter placed a dark shelf, which runs through the space, we can put all the books and magazines to hide the hands of the workers and turn the strip to provide facilities for all the work. The walls were painted a dark bathroom in the room upside down, plans were drawn on the wall dimension annotation. We want to give this room a color point, and we liked the lamps by Ingo Maurer Campari, finally decided to reinterpret the green bottles of Carlsberg. "

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