Friday, February 04, 2011

Elegant Glass Ceiling Lamp – Babol de Majo Illuminazione

Interior lamp is an essential element of every room to room lighting, but also has a decorative function and characteristics of their owners. Right lamp, which is suitable either for your interior design, can easily become a very good decoration as one functional office furniture. If you like the modern style and have enough room for a lamp big enough and Babol collection can be a great addition to your room design. This collection is one of the new year by the Italian company Illuminazione de Majo, who played a big role in Murano glassmaking. Babol lamp is a suspension lamp with original shape and light weight made of white glass shiny and looks like a small cloud or bunches of balloons. These lights hovering in the air in its placement is also available in various sizes and can be used either with a wall switch. If the white glass lamp can be suitable for the design of your room, then you can find more information about them in de site Illuminazione Majo.

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