Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Swimming in the park indoor

Fish pond allows you to create a quiet spot in the garden where you can rilex and release the stress faced every day. Imagine one of the best scenery rilex create an atmosphere that is beautiful goldfish that swim among the water plants accompanied by the sound of splashing water pool.
Fish pond in the park outside your house with a variety of water plants, equipped with waterfalls and other living things, can be a source of relieving stress in modern life today. Fish can be selected whether the goldfish, a typical example, different types of koi fish, can survive in most weather with relatively low maintenance costs by using the correct equipment. In the fish pond outside the home garden usually there are water plants to add beauty and maintain the correct water chemistry to fish can live in ponds.


Equipment For Swimming
Building a pond can begin to be prepared to buy the correct equipment. Swimming in the park outside will require equipment filter / strainer, water tejun or skimmer. Skimmer or often referred to as the protein skimmer is a device to filter or remove organic particles from the aquarium or pond. This tool is basically the form of a column or a plastic tube in which air bubbles flowed through a column of water inside the tube. If the filter does not also function to provide air into the pool, then take the other aeration equipment like a fountain or waterfall and also the liner. If you use tap water, water needs a special treatment to remove chlorine. For the final touches to add decorative stones / natural stone, sculpture or plant. In this case you can ask for advice from your garden architecture.

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