Saturday, August 08, 2009

Diva Lamps by Norwegian Designer

The lights created by Thomas Edison with his research failed 99 times until finally reaping the rewards of success. Simple lamp he created now has evolved in the modern era. Designer thomas and peter doing the design diva lamps.



Diva is a set of laminated wood flooring bamboo floor and pendant light sculptures. By making light of contemporary objects of two young designers, Thomas and Peter, want to pay them to honor the proud heritage of Norway laminated wood working, and at the same time challenge or rediscover how this material can be used. Diva's strong character yet gentle and almost feminine comes from experimenting with different curve code, from which two different sets of patterns occur.

Outer frame consists of a set of lights and thirty-two gently curved walnut or oak plywood laminated strips set around two wooden cylinders. The inside consists of a thin metal rod supporting the world of mouth-blown glass opaque solid. Outer frame floor lamp can be changed in two directions, creating two distinct sculpture. Diva creates a warm yet dynamic when turned on, and when it remains an object of aesthetic importance and unique decor in each room.

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